The Team

The Team

Our Core Team

Dr. Kate Tilleczek
Professor, Tier I Canada Research Chair, and founder and director of the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Dr. Kate Tilleczek's work focuses on the lived experiences of young people in our modern world.
Deborah MacDonald
As Senior Research Associate and Manager for the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Deborah supports the work of the YLRL's intercultural, interdisciplinary teams across Canada and the Americas.
Pablo Aranguiz Mesias
An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Pablo's work and research are focused on education and action for local and global sustainable development.
Dr. Jonah Rimer
An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Jonah investigates the vast impacts of digital media, policy, and practice on young people today.
Dr. Janet Loebach
An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Janet's work and research focus on socio-environmental impacts on the wellbeing and behaviour of young people.
Tatyana Terzopoulos
A Ph.D. student, Tatyana uses arts and participatory-action methods to inform her work with culture, language, and teaching.


Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse, Full Professor & National 3M Teaching Fellow, Laurentian University
  • Dr. Jean Mitchell, Full Professor, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Dr. Charles Hopkins, UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education Towards Sustainability, York University
  • Young Lives, Oxford University
  • Dr. James Stinson - (University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Jonah Rimer (Oxford University) 2016-2019; SSHRC
  • Dr. Brandi Bell (Carleton University) 2013- 2018, CIHR
  • Dr. Tracy Deyell (University of Colorado) 2015-16; SSHRC and CIHR
  • Dr. Janet Loebach (University of Western Ontario) 2014-15: SSHRC
  • Dr. Laura Mae Lindo (York University) 2013; SSHRC

Dr. Sara Guilamo, Ana Luisa Reyes, & Marlen Pérez  Dorville of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestre, Dominican Republic -- RCYP Team.

The Rights for Children and Youth Partnership Team at the 13th Annual Caribbean Child Research Conference, University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago.

Arlene Smith, Victoria Rampersad, & Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago -- RCYP Team.