Youth Wellbeing & the Anthropocene

Young Lives Research | We examine and support youth wellbeing on a complex planet

The concepts of human and planetary health and wellbeing vary across cultures, contexts, and generations but in every setting humans from around the globe seek a sense of balance, security, and support in their daily lives. In the Indigenous language of Mapudungun Küme Mongen represents the concept of living well and in balance. For tens of thousands of years the Cosmovisions and worldviews of Indigenous and Tribal peoples have identified the importance of our individual and communal wellbeing and the impacts of and important connections between human health and the health of the natural world.

Our work seeks to incorporate traditional aspects of wellbeing in our modern society, and to support young people in understanding what wellbeing means to them, what factors help or hinder this, and how the social systems that make-up their daily activities and interactions can work to encourage a positive state of being.


The Young Lives Research Lab has partnered with Young People and the Anthropocene, a global group of academics and activists who are working towards better understanding our current global era and the way young people and their communities are living within it. A recent conference in Bilbao, Spain allowed collaborators to come together in sharing knowledge and committing to action in moving towards just transitions to support Planetary Health.  Kate Tilleczek presents Knowing Global Youth in/of the Anthropocene in the video below.