Knowing Global Youth

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Knowing Global Youth

Knowing Global Youth

STATUS: (2012-2019) with ongoing curriculum development.


Through a participatory action research approach to creating a unique, intercultural course about youth, Knowing Global Youth has utilized the relationships that have been built, over many years, between The Young Lives Research Lab and the Williche people of Chiloé, Chile. Led by Dr. Kate Tilleczek and Pablo Aranguiz, with support from Manuel Muñoz Millalonko and Ana Maria Olivera Fuentes, this project actively engaged Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in the process of co-creating a youth-centered course that truly represents the lives and lived experiences of young people today.


With its beginnings in Canada, where young people and teachers were engaged in the process of developing and piloting a unique curriculum about youth in the modern world, Knowing Global Youth was further developed by connections made through the Wekimün School Project, which was implemented with Indigenous Williche communities of Chiloé, Chile to create a unique intercultural school and curriculum. The resulting school, Wekimün Chilkatuwe –in its concept, design, and content – has been successful in making strides towards meeting the educational, cultural, and emotional needs of those it serves. Indeed, Knowing Global Youth has benefited greatly from the experiences of the Wekimün School Project and the Williche people as this work is approached in a similarly unique intercultural and project-based manner.


Integrating the ideas and experiences of young people and teachers in Canada and Chile, this project represents an ongoing exploration of the coming together of “modern” and “traditional” knowledge. It examines what new knowledge –about wellbeing, sustainable development, environmental degradation, food security, and so forth– could provide to youth and their communities as we move into this rising era of the Anthropocene. Knowing Global Youth is a living curriculum; it is designed for educators or anyone working with youth, to give direction and initiate important conversations and modes of thinking. It is to be used as an adaptive tool based on context and culture, incorporating aspects of local and global politics, environment, and social and cultural movements.