Knowledge Sharing & Mobilization

Young Lives Research | We examine and support youth wellbeing on a complex planet

At the Young Lives Research Lab, we understand the importance of moving our research findings beyond academic audiences. We do research with, for, and by youth and their communities for use by those very contributors as well as academic and industry experts, policy makers, government and non-government organizations. Our research participants are the rightful owners of their stories and experiences, and we work together with them to use their critical input in support of sustainable community development, knowledge preservation, cultural revitalization, policy change, curriculum development, and knowledge sharing. 

We use innovative, relevant methods of participant and community engagement, data collection, teaching and learning and Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) to engage our participants and broader audiences in processes of sharing and learning. The Lab strives to make our research results available to anyone who is interested and who may benefit from accessing them. All of our work is participant-led with sustainable community development, governance, youth activism and KMb as key priorities. Our research methods provide inclusive and barrier-free opportunities for young people to engage in action research projects, identify the needs and resources within their communities, and have their voices heard. 

We work with our partners to develop Integrated KMb approaches and plans that suit their youth and communities. While maintaining strict privacy policies and standards of ethics in doing research with, for, and by participants, we develop culturally attuned, relevant and accessible methods of knowledge sharing across communities, countries, and sectors.  

Do you have innovative Knowledge Mobilization strategies that have proven successful? We’d love to hear about them. Connect with us!