Anthropocene & the Digital Age

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Anthropocene & Digital Age

Technology touches and moulds almost every aspect of our daily lives. Young people today are living and traversing a technological world like no other generation before them. Faced with endless forms of digital and social media, youth find themselves navigating these uncharted waters both alone, and with 100,000 followers. The impacts of today’s constant connectivity are deep and lasting and we need to better understand how youth are experiencing and coping with them.

Our work focuses on dissecting the positive and negative aspects and influences of technology on young people. We speak with youth about how they use these tools in their daily lives and what effect this has on various aspects of their mental health and wellbeing. These important conversations must be used to shape our digital literacy, policy, and practice for youth today, and in the future.


The Young Lives Research Lab has partnered with Young People and the Anthropocene, a global group of academics and activists who are working towards better understanding our current global era and the way young people and their communities are living within it. A recent conference in Bilbao, Spain allowed collaborators to come together in sharing knowledge and committing to action in moving towards just transitions to support Planetary Health.  Kate Tilleczek presents Knowing Global Youth in/of the Anthropocene in the video below.