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Young Lives Research | We examine and support youth wellbeing on a complex planet

Dr. Kate Tilleczek | Professor, Scientific Director & Founder

Professor Kate Tilleczek holds the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Youth, Education & Global Good in the Faculty of Education at York University and serves on the Executive Committee of the Dahdaleh Institute of Global Health Research.  She is an educator, founder (in 2009), and Director of the Young Lives Research Laboratorywhich employs global, intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches to community-based research with/by/for marginalized young people and their communities to understand how they navigate the challenges of the Anthropocene.  Her innovative, youth-centered research processes have led to re-imagining quality education for wellbeing and sustainable development for youth in a context wherein 2 billion young people comprise the largest planetary youth cohort in history. Professor Tilleczek is currently developing a Partnership for Youth and Planetary Wellbeing to investigate the newest social, educational and digital technology challenges for youth wellbeing, particularly in the social and economic contexts of the global pandemic. Working across countries and cultures with holistic models of wellbeing and ecological systems thinking, her research garners new understanding about the social development of young people and re-designing quality education with/by them in the nascent epoch of the Anthropocene. 

Deborah MacDonald 3

Deborah MacDonald

As Senior Research Associate and Manager for the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Deborah supports the work of the YLRL’s intercultural, interdisciplinary teams across Canada and the Americas.

Pablo Aranguiz Mesias

Pablo Aranguiz Mesias

An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Pablo’s work and research are focused on education and action for local and global sustainable development.

Jonah Rimer YLRL

Dr. Jonah Rimer

An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Jonah investigates the vast impacts of digital media, policy, and practice on young people today.

Dr. Janet Loebach

An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab (CANADA), Janet’s work and research focus on socio-environmental impacts on the wellbeing and behaviour of young people.

Matthew Munro

Matthew Munro

An Associate Researcher with the Young Lives Research Lab, Matt focuses on youth access to mental health systems, Social and Emotional Learning, digital media and wellbeing.

Dr. James Stinson

James Stinson (PhD, U Toronto) is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Planetary Health & Education in the Dahdaleh Institute of Global Health Research and the Young Lives Research Lab (Faculty of Education) at York University.

Roxy Cohen

Ph. D. Candidate at York University’s Faculty of Education, Roxy Cohen, investigates climate change leadership and wellbeing education with youth by collaboratively creating and reflecting on programs in university and community partnerships.

Alexandre Mendes Cursino

A Ph.D. student, Alexandre focuses on Indigenous knowledge and resurgence learning.

Dr. Mark Terry

Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow and Documentary Filmmaker, Mark’s work specializes in youth climate projects and Reorienting Education through Sustainability.