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Who We Are

Dr. Kate Tilleczek is the Tier1 Canada Research Chair in Young Lives, Education, and Global Good and a Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University. She is the founder and Director of the Young Lives Research Laboratory (CANADA) where she and her team employ global, interdisciplinary research approaches into how young people navigate wellbeing in the digital age.  continue reading >> 

What We Do

The Young Lives Research Laboratory houses Dr. Kate Tilleczek’s Canada Research Chair team and program of research.  At Young Lives, we examine intersections of education and wellbeing during a time in which modern societies marginalize too many of our young people. We work across four integrated clusters of research and development with, for, and by young people,   continue reading >> 

Rooted and Rising Program
Empowering Youth Climate Leaders through a radical education program, certified by York University.

September 26 - December 6, 2020 
Meet the Team & Partners

"Overnight parents around the world have become their children’s primary educators while managing their kids and their own professional, practical and emotional wellbeing. ⁠There is no one better to discuss this rapid shift to online education than Dr. Kate Tilleczek" --Christina Crook, JOMO(cast)

 Kate speaks with Christina Crook about the challenges faced by youth and their parents during COVID-19. 

What's Happening

Funded Research Clusters


We seek to better understand and re-design education that is with, for, and by young people as based in culture, context, and kindness.

Anthropocene &

Digital Age

We examine the folds and influences of the digital age on young people over time, place, and culture to better understand the deep paradox they encounter..

Youth & Planetary Health & Wellbeing

We investigate various holistic models of wellbeing  to understand how youth navigate their wellbeing and thus better support pressing health, social, and environmental concerns.


Theory & Method

We explore and develop innovations in theory and method including youth-attuned inquiry for decolonized and participatory engagement and outreach.

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